Unusual Consulting For An Emerging World


A 21st century mystic is different from explorers in past centuries. After all, Nostradamus did not use an iPad. The only blackberries were found in bramble thickets, and DNA was just 3 random letters in the alphabet.

When a Shakespearian crone called for eye of newt and toe of frog, she had no clue centuries later molecular biology would prove her right.


Today we are challenged to think differently. That means looking at old knowledge with contemporary eyes to forge a new future. To get ready for the ultimate tomorrow now requires tackling things we didn’t want to deal with in times past.

Underneath the veneer of everyday existence there is a greater reality than the one we know, and it holds the secrets that can put us back in charge of our daily life.


However, there is more to this than just tickling your toes exploring psychic phenomena. If you give esoteric information relevance within our contemporary society it then translates into a useful tool we can use to make a difference.

Look at it this way. A stray hair on a sweater was simply annoying before its potential as a forensic tool was discovered, but times change and so do our perspectives. In the same way advances in science have altered our perception of reality in the 21st century.

Suddenly we’re asking new questions, even adding the spiritual dimension of ourselves into the mix, while realizing we are not alone in the universe and that sentient consciousness is not exclusive to mankind.

This growth spurt in our understanding, egged on by advancing science, lets us reinterpret information that once had little significance. BZ personalized mentoring sessions give you a chance to bridge these worlds, find new answers and rearticulate your strategy for the future.



To familiarize you with this greater reality you’ll be escorted around four areas that appear to have little connection to each other, but don’t be fooled. While they look unrelated, they share a thread that subtly winds you to a new level of comprehension about everyday life.

Learning about this essential quadrant through personalized mentoring sessions brings a new look at who you are as an individual and as part of the family of humanity. And this is the key to our future because with knowledge comes smart decision making– and power.

  • Spirit life (with an emphasis on reincarnation and the soul path)
  • Alien reality (assessing the implications)
  • Pet communication (breaking through worlds of silence)
  • Business pioneering (moving ideas into action)

The first three, while unconventional in some people’s eyes, take you inside worlds that challenge what we know about our place in the universe and lead us to confront life’s limits, our own mortality and relationships with others, whether they be humans or cohabitating species. When we reevaluate who we are, we then change our ideas about who we can be.

The fourth, business pioneering, is a new take on an old paradigm that propels us into action to rebuild our future. In a planet reigned by commerce it’s how we flex our collective muscle, but it can be harnessed in a new way without the old world vices. You’ll learn to reshape our tomorrow through enterprising actions crafted specifically for the needs of a modern day mystic. If you are ready, you can become an agent for change – a Business Pioneer building heart infused humanitarian ventures around the globe.


At BZ you’ll become inducted into life’s big questions like how can I find meaningful work, what happens when we die, are aliens real and does your dog Brutus really understand when you tell him to lay off the cheesecake on the counter and stick with kibble.

You’ll prep for the different needs of the 21st century with the vision that comes only when you step outside ordinary life and peer behind the mystic curtain.


Go ahead, dare to be different and think outside the pack, because homogenized is good only for milk. This is what Beyond Zebra® is about, a way to excel in everyday life by politely pushing the envelope. A place where you build the future by going first within, and then move on to your outer limits, sharing your unique potential doing what you love and making a difference.

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